This is a short poem that i think....Explains it all!





Dedication to Him


 Here I am,

Behind my closed door.

I’m writing a poem,

The time’s twenty to four.


Outside my window,

The stars, they all shine.

But now I’m rejoicing,

This new day is all mine.


You may think it’s quite strange,

I’m not in my bed.

But I’m writing for Jesus,

My true fountainhead.


I am an earthen vessel,

My Saviour must use.

The poems I’m sharing,

Well – the Saviour must choose.


I’ve written so many,

But now I can share.

They come with God’s blessing,

Because He does care.


He is the potter,

I’m just the clay.

He made me and moulded me,

And uses me today.


I enjoy this ministry,

This ministry of love.

Especially these poems,

That come to me from above.

BY Joyce Hunter













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